Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cargo Bikes Report & Poster

My report on cargo bikes - along with the accompanying poster - is now available via the Sustainable Mobilities Website

This report documents the findings of a research project carried out under UEL's Undergraduate Research Internships Scheme 2010-11. This project forms part of the work of UEL's Sustainable Mobilities Research Group. The poster was presented on the 5th October 2011 at UEL Research Internship Poster Exhibition Launch Event and won one of the three prizes for posters.

Have a look at the article written about the project at the Hackney Gazette:

The aim of this project has been to explore the potential market for cargo bikes in Hackney, in comparison to Copenhagen. This project has focused primarily on child transport and has examined whether there is the possibility for cargo bikes to become a common transport mode for carrying children as in Copenhagen. It has sought to establish the perceived advantages and disadvantages of cargo bikes among a sample of potential users in Hackney and assessed which social groups might be more disposed to start adopting cargo bikes in the near future. This research project has carried out a mixed research strategy using quantitative and qualitative methods, applying a cross-sectional design with a survey of 166 questionnaires among parents from six different Hackney’s primary schools and three semi-structured interviews.
Although currently there is a small market in Hackney for cargo bikes this project suggests that there could be a potential future market. An important element which needs to change for the cargo bike market to increase is the perception of issues around practicality and safety, as well as cost. Therefore in future research projects conditions under which people would consider using a cargo bike need to be studied to determine what actions need to be taken to raise the popularity of cargo bikes.