Sunday, May 29, 2011

Can Hackney keep rolling with extremely popular cargo bikes as in Copenhagen?

Could they become a new form of family transport? The research project will focus primarily but not only on child transport and it will be based in Hackney, which has seen the highest rise in cycling of any of the London boroughs. At the moment I am doing some background research and getting ready for some cycle training on a Yuba 'longtail' cargo bike I will be doing the following week. After the training I will be able to show the cargo bike around!! Have a look at the Yuba cargo bike:

Let's rock it!

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  1. I wish you success with your research. I live east london and own a bakfiets cargobike (the two wheeler) and find it a great way to move around - replaces a car really. Good luck!

  2. Hi, Ndru

    Thank you very much for your support!! There is still a lot to do but the proyect is going ahead. I am glad you are happy with your cargo bike, I love the bakfiets type, they are so cool!!