Monday, June 13, 2011

Trying out the cargo bike with Alix in Hackney, what a day!!!!

A couple of days ago I tried cycling a cargo bike for the first time. It was raining a lot but fortunately, when we decided to try out the cargo bike the sun came out, it did not last much though!. The cargo bike I tried was the Yuba Mundo one and it was definitely a great experience!!! It is very easy to ride; of course you need to get use to them because turns are a bit more complicated than with normal bikes.

I tried to carry Alix around, just to understand how comfortable they are and actually I was surprised by its comfort. They are very well designed, so, when you carry someone you don't feel the weight as much as you expect. Moreover, I have to say that I was carrying an adult, so carrying kids to school on the Yuba would be very comfortable and cool!!!

I will be riding the Yuba Mundo when doing the questionnaires and interviews around the schools in Hackney. I bet you, people will want a try out!!!

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