Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last Friday I went for a little bike trip around Hackney. I decided to visit the area before starting the fieldwork and get to know a bit better how Hackney and cycling come along. Above, you can see the route I did, but also you can see all the details of the route here: http://www.sports-tracker.com/#/workout/eba/esp1ptl9lrht9rsi. Actually, it is very noticeable how different is Hackney, in terms of cycling facilitaties, to other areas in London. Hackney is well served by the London strategic cycle network and it makes Hackney suitable for cycling. Moreover, transport projects like the "Home Zone and Streets for People" in Hackney during 2003-2004 have been very successful in traffic calming which gave a significant boost to the area.
In relation to cargo bikes, if there is an area where cargo bikes can be seen is Hackney. They are not as popular as bikes, however the concept of carrying kids and goods is out there. To carry kids people use a lot baby sits and trailers on the back and for goods baskets on the front, pannier bags as well as trailers. Although, some typical danish cargo bikes can be seen around.

Fieldwork begins tomorrow and will end on July 22nd. I will be around some of the primary schools in Hackney interviewing parents about cargo bikes's advantages and disadvantages.


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