Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fieldwork DAY 1: School Marathon

To take the most of the school strikes today, Alix and I did some site visits to risk assess the pavement space and traffic conditions around the selected schools for the project. We have been taking pictures and deciding which will be the most suitable locations for me to interview parents and show the cargo bike.
Most of the schools gates are away from most motor traffic, so it hasn't been difficult to assess which will be the best sites for me to stand there to do the interviews. For those schools where the gates are placed on a very narrow footway, and could become a bit dangerous for the kids, we have decided that I will use more secure secondary gates, or wider footways around the school. I guess the cargo bike is big enough to get people's attention even if I won't be right next to the gates.
Whilst on our way to the schools I have been checking out the roads conditions for using a cargo bike. The school's surrondings are full of cycle paths and roads are quite quiet, so it's wonderful for using cargo bikes. However, some of the schools are located in hilly areas which can be an inconvenience for parents who wish to have one.

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  1. This has never been much of a problem as the school gates are away from motor traffic.
    Preparatory School North London