Monday, July 11, 2011

Between edges

I have started inputting the collected data into the software I am using. It's very funny because even if it is a very mechanical task and it could be done without thinking too much, my mind does not stop analysing the questionnaires while inputting the answers already coded. The questionnaires have been designed in such a way that when someone tells me that they don't cycle at all, I immediately finish the survey, after trying to get the reason why they don't cycle; but that's all. That's the only information I'm getting from them.
At a first glance it makes a lot of sense. If I am interested in exploring the potential market for cargo bikes why should I bother getting more information from those who do not cycle at all? However, my project primarily focuses on child transport and on the understanding of bikes as a mode of transport. So perhaps, it will be interesting to know what people who don't cycle at all think about the concept of carrying kids on a bike. Why? You may be wondering....
Well, in my opinion, the understanding people have about bikes and of what can be used as a mode of transport is going to be a key element when determining wether there is a potential market in Hackney in comparison to Copenhagen. Therefore, should I bother to carry on the interviews when a person says: -"Sorry, I don't cycle at all?" I think so....
Let's try!

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