Friday, July 15, 2011

Fieldwork DAY 9: Mixing methods and changing paradigms

The intention of making field notes and the idea behind of getting more comprehensive data was very good but practically, it has been impossible for me to do it in this specific project. It seems very obvious!!! Well, probably it is obvious afterwards. I was truly motivated but whilst in the fieldwork I realised that I had enough trying to get respondents, let alone making notes at the same time!! I just could not cope with it. Just imagine the situation, I completely astonished by the wave of parents and kids going in and out of the school while trying to stop someone, and when I was able to be in touch with my own thoughts again and ready to make notes, there was almost nothing to observe except buildings or someone who has dropped behind the crowd. Therefore, I go back to the initial idea, to use just the notes we made about the school’s surroundings which actually, tell us quite a lot about how the infrastructure around schools encourages or discourages cycling.

Regarding the continuation of those interviews in which respondents do not cycle at all I just have to say that is working quite well. My hypothesis and my early feeling is that those answers from people who do not cycle at all would lead me to have a better understanding about under what conditions people could consider cycling as a mode of transport and if not why, specifically, it could give me some ideas about what can be done to encourage cycling or the use of cargo bikes. Again, data could prove me wrong.

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