Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fieldwork DAY 5: How much information I am missing out?

The first fieldwork week just finished and now is time to reflect about it. Overall, it has been good. I managed to interview using semi-structured interviews, the owner of one of the most successful bike shops in London, Velorution; and two families who owns a cargo bike and use them, among other things, for the school runs. Moreover, I have been doing some surveys and talking to parents around some schools in Hackney: StJohn&StJames, Morningside, Rushmore, Southwold, Gayhurst and London Fields primary schools. Therefore, I can say I managed to get quite a lot of data so far so it has not been a bad starting point. However, when looking at the questionnaires and taking into account my feelings and thoughts when talking to parents I just can think about all the information I am missing out.

I believe the design of the questionnaires is well done, I really do think so. We tried out the first version during the second fieldwork day and it gave us the opportunity to improve its effectiveness as well as its accuracy so, I don't think that my issues with the development of the project are because of the design of the questionnaires but about the natural, built and social environment of the schools. I am not trying to say that the questionnaires are perfect, of course they could be improved but I feel that something else have to be taken into account to determine more accurately if there is a potential market for cargo bikes in Hackney.

To try to get more comprehensive data from next week I am going to make some field notes and see if this method complements the questionnaires and interviews and helps to create a bigger picture.

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